Why Steel Frames Trusses WA is #1

Manufactured in Australia using Australian made steel
Steel Frames Trusses uses the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any building product on the market. The steel is treated with a durable zinc coating to withstand all weather conditions and is guaranteed for 25 years. We use a steel grade of 550 to ensure maximum strength yet light weight frame.
Corrosion Protection
All our steel products are coated for corrosion control. We offer hot dip galvanizing, AluZinc150, sandblasting and single pack and two pack paint systems to meet your projects environmental condition requirements.
Delivery and Installation
We can arrange all your transport needs locally and all over Australia. Our team can also complete the installation for your project meaning everything that can done through Steel Frames Trusses as the one trusted provider.
Industry leading machinery
Our heavy duty, incredibly precise automated manufacturing machines are the most advanced steel framing machines available in the world today. By integrating our advanced automated manufacturing machines with our innovative computer assisted design, detailing engineering software, we have achieved a building system that is automated, intelligent, reliable, safe and cost effective
Steel is the smarter choice
Up to 25% faster to assemble and deliver than wood and 50% faster than concrete, our steel also ensures reduced installation time, straighter walls and corners and improved safety through more controlled operations
Naturally white ant resistant and mould free
Timber is treated with toxic chemicals to avoid mould and pest infection. This is not only harmful to the environment, but also to people and animals. Steel however is mould and pest resistant, therefore no harmful chemicals are used in the process.

Don't just take our word for it

Steel Frames Trusses WA were extremely helpful and accommodating at meeting our requirements. At our first meeting we discussed my design and they highlighted some cost savings that would not change the design or living areas. We took this on board and the advice was free with no sale pressure. After visiting a few other frame manufacturers and getting quotes we decided to go with Steel Frames Trusses WA.
The team at Steel Frames Trusses WA were a pleasure to work with. At our first meeting, we provided SFTWA with the 7 house designs for Broome and a tight construction schedule. They were very knowledgeable with Cyclonic house frames design and manufacture and dealing with DOH spec’s. Within 7 days the first house design was submitted back to us for approval. Engineer’s Drawings and Detailed Shop Drawings were approved for construction and manufacturing started soon after. All house frames were delivered ahead of our construction program and we couldn’t be happier.
Having known Eric and his team for the past 7 or so years, knowing the framing plant, equipment and materials that Eric utilizes in the fabrication of his frames and having undertaken numerous projects with Eric over the past many years I can wholeheartedly and without reservation highly recommend Steel Frames Trusses WA for the manufacture of lightweight wall framing, roof trusses and minor structural steelwork. Look forward to working with Eric every chance I get.
Order was placed we agreed on a delivery date and they took it from there. They provided a build schedule that detailed their activities and completion dates and provided updates when requested. They looked after the whole process from design to delivery to site, hassle free and even helped us with other trades and services.

Make the right choice

We understand the scale and importance of the projects we take on and our focus is on client satisfaction. Don’t leave your project in the hands of an individual or company you can’t trust. Speak to our team today for an obligation free meeting so you can understand what’s involved and how it will work before making any commitment.