Turning designs and ideas into reality

We follow a structured process to ensure you know what is happening and when

Kick Off

Steel Frames Trusses WA prefers to meet with clients before starting a project so a scope can be defined. This also allows for a greater understanding of requirements and from this suggestions can be made to reduce costs through improved design and efficiencies.


We use the very latest CAD and CNC technologies to design and manufacture our quality steel frames. Our machine creates frames based on the building specifications using automated computer assisted roll formers.


All of our projects are time planned and managed using MSP. We ensure regular communication and updates with our clients so that any required trades can be coordinated in advance. Clients are also provided with Gantt charts for easy status tracking.


The result is a disassembled steel structure, which comes out of the roll former fully labelled and ready for assembly. Once assembled, the frames are stacked and strapped and stored in our lay-down area until required for site delivery.


We organise delivery of your work across Western Australia and beyond. We ensure a quality job that is delivered on time, every time.


Our team can also provide the trades and services required for implementation so you have everything you need for your project in the one place.